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Sam & Candy



Their both favorite things to do when we get home from work is to howl and bark until we give them their supper and it has to be Kibble and Bits or they refuse to eat, believe it or not. Also their other favorite things to do is go for a walk as long as it's not more than a couple of blocks. They really enjoy the walk for the first couple of blocks and then they are ready to come home because they had enough exercise for today.

Candy 1992

Candy 1992

Sam thinking   

Candy mischievous look  Candy innocent look
samcan1.jpg (17954 bytes)
 Sam and Candy relaxing after a hard day of guarding the and aroooooo at people who come by the house
samcan4.jpg (12188 bytes)
Resting after hard day in the yard  after playing and barking at  who ever comes by. 
samcan3.jpg (18728 bytes)
Sam and Candy trying to stay cool.
bhchri.jpg (56615 bytes)
Sam and Candy with Santa Claus

On January 03, 2004 for Candy's best interest she was put to sleep rather than have her suffer any more because she had cancer of the lymph glands and had failing kidneys.. She lived a very long life, she was 13 years old. On March 12, 2004 Sam  was put to sleep for his best interest . He  had quit eating a couple of days earlier; an x-ray of him showed he had an inoperable mass in his abdomen. He will be dearly missed. He lived  to be a right old age of 13.

Gerald Klingelhoefer


This web site is dedicated to the memory of my beloved pets that gone to Doggie Heaven our Sam & Candy(Basset Hounds), Rocky(Poodle), Pebbles(Doxie), Peaches(Pug),Harley (Rat Terrier)and Mr. Autumn(Yellow Lab mixed) my family & I will missed them.  Sam and Candy past away in 2004 they were 13 years old. We just lost beloved dog Rocky on February 2011 and Pebbles July 2011 they both were 12 years old. We recently lost Harley he was 16 years old when he went doggies heaven July 1, 2016.   We got our dogs thru  Metro-East Humane Society and Collinsville Animal Network ,  We've had Sam and Candy ( Basset Hounds) for about 11 years.   We have Pebbles (Doxie) and Rocky alias "The Rock" (Poodle) since 2001 and got Harley (Rat Terrier)2010. We had Mr. Autumn since October 2005; he was just about 13 years old.
Sam & Candy Rocky Pebbles Peaches  Harley Mr. Autumn

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